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The RCC is a project of Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian and UCC Churches in Minnesota.  We use their wisdom to recommend and share new and outstanding ministry resources:  DVDs, web, print, curriculum and more.  From the myriad of resources, we help you find the best.  Contact us to consult:  Or visit:  we are open 12-4pm Tuesday-Friday and by appointment. 
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Featured DVDs   click for info; see more on our DVDs page

animate practices
Embracing Forgiveness
Painting the Stars LtQ
The Ten Commandments
Fresh Air
The God We Can Know: Exploring the "I Am" Sayings of Jesus - DVD Cover
Jesus the Forgiving Victim
Making Sense of the Bible
The Jesus Fatwah


Featured Books   click for info; see more in our LibraryThing catalog:  choose “Covers”

Church Money Manual
We Make the Road by Walking
The Caring Congregation Training Maunal
Seamless Faith
Your Living Compass
Real Good Church
Children's Ministry in the Way of Jesus
Eager to Love
Learning to Walk in the Dark
A Path Appears
Short Stories by Jesus


Jonah's Whale
Giving Thanks
Parable of the G
God's Blue Earth
Thank You, God