Intergenerational Faith Formation

Interest in intergenerational faith formation is growing.  Here’s a short list of accessible resources, with special thanks to Diane Olson and her CEF colleagues.

Lifelong Faith Journal is a free download.  See especially volume 6.1, “The Ecologies of Lifelong Faith Formation,” volume 3.1, “Generations Learning Together,” and “Best Practices in Intergenerational Faith Formation” in volume 1.3/4.  Faith Formation Learning Exchange offers a short list of current books here.  Find them at the RCC.

Several curricula guide formation for all ages.  Faith Inkubators provides resources for family and cross-generational formation.  With their FAITH 5 approach, churches model a practice for use at home:  sharing highs and lows, relating a Bible verse, praying and blessing.  This process recalls the Linns’ classic Sleeping with Bread:  Holding What Gives You Life (Paulist, 1995).  SeasonsFUSION from Seasons of the Spirit is another curricular option.  And Vibrant Faith Ministries offers a wealth of resources for intergenerational formation;  see their Faith Talk cards, Milestones Ministry material, and more at the RCC.

The RCC can recommend many books of ideas for intergenerational faith formation.  Holly Catterton Allen and Christine Lawton Ross include an appendix of ideas in their Intergenerational Christian Formation:  Bringing the Whole Church Together in Ministry, Community and Worship (IVP Academic, 2012).   Some of our favorites:  Share a loaf of bread and wonder together.  Cook; eat.  Share art.  Learn to sign the words of a prayer or song.  Create and walk a labyrinth.  And tell your stories:  find resources for these and more activities for all ages at the RCC.