Including Young People with Learning Differences


From a wealth of resources on the inclusion of children and youth with disabilities in faith communities, we highlight a few that our users have found particularly helpful. Amy Fenton Lee’s blog, The Inclusive Church, is a goldmine:  see especially Ideas & Best Practices, Getting Started, Top Posts, and her Facebook.  Her volunteer training DVD, […]

Resources for Intergenerational Faith Formation

Liturgy for the Whole Church

The UCC faith formation leaders of children and youth met last month to learn about intergenerational ministry.  Here’s a list of resources we shared. Articles  From Joyce Ann Mercer:  “Cultivating a Community of Practice” From John Roberto:  “Our Future is Intergenerational” From Carol Howard Merritt’s Tribal Church:  “Fostering Intergenerational Relationships” From Sticky Faith:  “Intergenerational Ministry […]

The Families All Matter Book Project Faith-Based Guide

Families All Matter

Many faith formation leaders know the power of reading picture books with young people.  The Families All Matter Book Project from AMAZE uses picture books to help children understand and respect families and the many cultures and experiences that shape them.  Through discussion and activities, children develop empathy, love of neighbor, skills to recognize and […]

Short Videos for Faith Formation

On Our Way

Many of our members have used Rob Bell’s NOOMA series of films for youth and adult faith formation.  New options in short videos for faith formation are appearing, and many are available online.  These engaging films allow plenty of time for discussion. The Work Of The People is an independent ecumenical platform that offers multimedia […]

New Curriculum

A Joyful Path Year Two

Several curricula are new for fall.  Here’s a list. A Joyful Path (The Center for Progressive Christianity) is a progressive Christian curriculum for children ages 6-10.  Year Two will be available this summer. Awaken Sunday School (Logos Productions, Inc.) emphasizes spiritual practice and the arts for children ages 3-12.  William H. Willimon provides background for […]

New Resources on Bullying


What role can faith communities play in bullying prevention?  As Minnesota lawmakers consider an anti-bullying bill, we note a dizzying array of material on bullying.  Several new resources stand out. Now available on DVD, Lee Hirsch’s acclaimed Bully (PG-13) follows five kids and families over the course of a school year.  Intimate and shocking, the […]

Intergenerational Faith Formation

Lifelong Faith Journal

Interest in intergenerational faith formation is growing.  Here’s a short list of accessible resources, with special thanks to Diane Olson and her CEF colleagues. Lifelong Faith Journal is a free download.  See especially volume 6.1, “The Ecologies of Lifelong Faith Formation,” volume 3.1, “Generations Learning Together,” and “Best Practices in Intergenerational Faith Formation” in volume […]

On Sketchnotes and Meditative Drawing

Zentangle Untangled  Kass Hall

Fans of American Public Radio’s On Being with Krista Tippett may have noted that graphic illustrator Doug Neill is now taking visual notes of the show.  These sketchnotes recall Paul Soupiset’s illustrations for Sparkhouse’s Animate DVD Study, Facilitator’s Guide and Personal Journal, and their re:form curriculum for youth:  they help us–at least, some of us–attend. […]

AntiRacism Resources


Here’s a short list of outstanding, current antiracism resources for adults and older youth.  Click titles for more information/preview. DVDs NEW:  Cracking the Codes:  The System of Racial Inequity (World Trust).  Downloadable conversation guide and access to learning modules. Mirrors of Privilege:  Making Whiteness Visible (World Trust).  Downloadable conversation guide. What Makes Me White?  (A.M. […]

Resources from the Interfaith Movement

My Neighbor's Faith  Stories of Interreligious Encounter, Growth, and Transformation

It seems we are becoming less interested in defining our differences, and more drawn to explore what we hold in common and how we are transformed in interfaith encounter.  The emerging interfaith movement has recently produced several notable resources. Brian D. McLaren’s Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?  Christian Identity […]