Pooling Our Wisdom

Welcome to our new website!  We hope you find it helpful in your ministries.

More and more ministry resources of many different types become available every day.  The RCC can help you find the best.  But we need your help.

We want this to be a place for you to pool your wisdom.  Just as we hope to provide you with vital resources and creative guidance for their use, we are eager to hear about your experience:  please consider sharing news of resources you’ve found transformative and ideas that have worked for you.  Tell us how you liked resources you’ve borrowed, or suggest new titles or topics; recommend favorite resources to your colleagues.  Let us know about new ways we can support your ministry.  We value your expertise and encourage you to participate in this conversation.

Visit us in person  or online.  Email me at, or call me at 651.600.7111.  We also invite your comments here or on our Facebook page.

Peace and joy in this busy time,

Lizabeth Bougie, RCC  Director