New Bibles

Until recently, the RCC had little to recommend to members consulting us about NRSV Bibles for confirmation or older youth.  This surprising gap has been filled by The Guidebook:  The NRSV Student Bible (HarperBibles, October).  Billed as “the first student Bible developed especially for mainline and progressive Christians,” this edition presents both the usual array of helps and four types of sidebar articles:  study it, connect it, pray it, and live it.

“Study” notes contain background information and often comment on a passage’s meaning for today.  They are lively and conversational without becoming slangy or overly simplistic.  Fifty “connect ” notes include “stories of people and organizations engaged in the fight against injustice.”  These include figures from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa to young people like Austin Gutwein, the founder of Hoops for Hope, and Hanna Turner of Hannah’s Socks.  “Pray” notes suggest ways to pray emerging from the text, and “live” notes “apply God’s Word to real life situations,” posing questions for reflection and action.

Subject headings and small black and white illustrations pepper the text.

Briefly, the Deep Blue Kid’s Bible (Common English Bible, September) joins the NRSV Bibles from Sparkhouse for younger children.  And later this month, Harper will release The NRSV Daily Bible:  Read, Meditate and Pray Through the Entire Bible in 365 Days, which promises, “Each of the 365 daily Bible readings is accompanied by a thought-provoking Christian spiritual classic.”  Finally, in DK’s new The Illustrated Bible Story by Story, “the stories of the Old and New Testaments are retold and explained in a uniquely accessible and visually stunning way.”  Fans of DK’s graphics will enjoy this gorgeous volume; classical art and apt photographs grace dozens of narratives.