Spirituality Resources Online

Recently, one of our member churches did an adult education session on faith online:  participants shared their favorite websites, blogs, and emails on spirituality.  Many of the websites on the RCC’s list of links are most useful for church leaders, but what about a list of nondenominational online resources on spirituality for everyone?  Here’s a top ten (in no particular order):

Spirituality and Practice offers readings, practices, quotes, searchable reviews, and so much more.  Check their lists of spiritually literate books and movies.  Try “Topics and Media” too.

Browse the show archive at On Being.  See top blog posts.

The Text This Week is a virtual study desk; choose a text and see a deep selection of resources.  The Art Concordance is particularly valuable.

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly:  listen to this PBS show or particular stories, or read interviews.

David Perry is a minister in the Methodist Church in Great Britain.  His Visual Theology blog follows the lectionary with photographs and reflections.

Patheos is a massive collection of blogs and information on religion.  Try the Progressive Christian Channel for theological conversation and a video gallery.

Vibrant Faith at Home offers faith forming activities:  talking, praying, ritualizing and reaching out.

Visual media from The Work of the People support individual and small group devotion.

At Practicing Our Faith, choose one of twelve spiritual practices and see ideas for ways to practice and more.

Luther Seminary presents a wealth of resources to enrich Bible reading at Enter the Bible.

Don’t see your favorites?  Tell us.