Adult Children

Resources for Intergenerational Faith Formation

The UCC faith formation leaders of children and youth met last month to learn about intergenerational ministry.  Here’s a list of resources we shared.


 From Joyce Ann Mercer:  “Cultivating a Community of Practice”

From John Roberto:  “Our Future is Intergenerational”

From Carol Howard Merritt’s Tribal Church:  “Fostering Intergenerational Relationships”

From Sticky Faith“Intergenerational Ministry Beyond the Rhetoric”
“Five Keys for Effective Mentoring”

From Ministry Matters“Congregations as Families of Faith:  Beyond Age-Level Ministries”

From Csinos and Beckwith’s Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus:  chapter 9 is readable in full here

From Rethinking Youth Ministry:  “10 Ideas for Creating Cross-Generational Youth Ministry”

and a website:  Worshiping with Children


Susan K. Bock, Liturgy for the Whole Church, Church Publishing, Inc., 2008

Holly Catterton Allen and Christine Lawton Ross, Intergenerational Christian Formation: Bringing the Whole Church Together in Ministry, Community and Worship, IVP Academic, 2012.  See especially Part Four and Appendix material.


Faith Practices

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