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Age Inclusive Worship Resources: A Top Ten List

The Minnesota Conference UCC recently hosted a conversation on Worship Across Generations.  Jim LaDoux, author of Surface to Soul, shared ideas for creating engaging worship experiences.  We offer this top ten list of practical resources for creative, age inclusive worship.  What would you add?

Carolyn Brown’s Worshiping with Children

Theresa Cho’s Still Waters:  Intergenerational Worship, Interactive Prayer Stations

John Roberto’s Intergenerational Faith Formation:  articles on worship

James H. Ritchie, Jr.’s Always in Rehearsal

Howard A. Vanderwell’s Church of All Ages

Kimball & Lewin’s Sacred Space

Mandy Smith’s Making a Mess and Meeting God

Moran & Castle’s Brim

Northway & Schreiner’s The Rite Place

Susan K. Bock’s Liturgy for the Whole Church

For more, check this annotated bibliography, or search “intergenerational worship” at Calvin Institute for Christian Worship.  Find the resources above–including those out of print–and more at the Resource Center for Churches.  Contact us to consult: