Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

I’m Your Neighbor promotes children’s books and projects building bridges between “long-term communities” and marginalized “new arrival” groups and cultures.  Storypath provides Faith Talk Questions for I’m New Here by Anne Sibley O’Brien.

Leading resources for understanding Islam include The Jesus Fatwah: Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor as Yourself from Living the Questions, and My Neighbor is Muslim adult study and Loving Our Muslim Neighbors youth curriculum, both from Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.  Contact the RCC for more, including resources on welcoming, gun violence, and immigration.

In “The Courage of Survivors: The Stanford Rape Case,” Marie Fortune of FaithTrust Institute recommends the short video, “Consent: It’s as Simple as Tea” for ages 8 and up.  FaithTrust Institute provides free webinars and other resources on child abuse, clergy ethics and healthy boundaries, domestic violence, healthy teen relationships, and sexual violence.

Black Lives Matter (Abdo) by journalist Sue Bradford Edwards and Macalester professor Duchess Harris is written for grades 6-12.

Offering wisdom for churches, How We Gather and Something More are reports profiling new forms of meaningful community.  Authors Caspar ter Kuile and Angie Thurston of Harvard Divinity School are writing a series of essays for On Being’s Public Theology Reimagined initiative:  the first explores The Theology of CrossFit.  Faith & Leadership interviews Thurston.

Practicing Families is an online ministry posting family liturgies and reflections on parenting and practicing with children.  This week, Lee Hull Moses, author of the forthcoming More than Enough:  Living Abundantly in a Culture of Excess (WJKP), explores how we practice our faith in the summertime.

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