Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

Elizabeth Caldwell, author of I Wonder (Abingdon), recommends Bibles and gifting practices for young people in an Advocate post, Giving Bibles to Children…Which One, When, and How We Give…It All Matters!  Caldwell also recommends Lisa Miller’s The Spiritual Child (St. Martin’s).

Religion Dispatches reviews Brian D. McLaren’s The Great Spiritual Migration (Convergence).  Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times comments on the book in What Religion Would Jesus Belong To?  McLaren will lead an afternoon seminar and a free evening talk at Solomon’s Porch September 30.  His We Make the Road by Walking (Jericho, 2014) is an overview of the Biblical story and an introduction or re-orientation to the Christian faith in 52 chapters.

Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence provides resources for two events:  the Concert Across America is a series of live music events September 25, and the 2016 Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath is December 14-18.  See also their Gun Violence Guide for Faith Leaders.

Host of Ask Science Mike, a weekly podcast answering questions about science and faith, and co-host of The Liturgists Podcast, Mike McHargue is author of Finding God in the Waves (Convergent).  A video series accompanies the book.

A one-year subscription to Frolic Online early childhood resources from Sparkhouse is free.

Similar to a Little Free Library, a Little Free Pantry or Blessing Box offers nonperishable food and personal care items.

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