Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

In More Than Enough (WJKP), Lee Hull Moses reflects on living abundantly in a culture of excess.  Download a discussion guide, worship planning guide, and sample.  Practicing Families provides an excerpt.  With Bromleigh McCleneghan, Moses has written Hopes and Fears:  Everyday Theology for New Parents and Other Tired, Anxious People (Rowman & Littlefield).

Adam Ericksen of Teaching Nonviolent Atonement shares his weekly videos on lectionary passages for parents and children.  He also hosts the Bible Matters video series.

The CEB Women’s Bible features profiles of Biblical women and articles by 80 women scholars, pastors and novelists across denominations.  Request a print sample of Ephesians.

13TH, a documentary from Selma Director Ava DuVernay, recounts the history of racism in the United States and the creation of the prison industrial complex.  The New York Times review includes a video interview with DuVernay.

Raven ReViews Election 2016 presents video interviews with Melvin Bray, Brian McLaren, and others.  Bray speaks on “Am I a Racist? Confronting Our Blind Spots.  He reimagines Biblical stories in the forthcoming Better:  Waking Up to Who We Could Be (Chalice).  McLaren joins William Barber, Walter Brueggemann, Lisa Sharon Harper and other contributors in the free, updated Progressive Christian Voter’s Guide (Chalice).  And Progressive Youth Ministry suggests What We Can Teach Teens from Last Night’s Debate.

With an outdoor pizza oven, Hamline Church moves its altar to the front lawn and invites the neighbors.

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