Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

Who Counts?  100 Sheep, 10 Coins, and 2 Sons (WJKP) by Amy-Jill Levine and Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, a creative retelling of three parables, is the first book in the WJK children’s program.

Faithful Families author Traci Smith gathers resources and stories of “pray-grounds.”  In Faith & Leadership, Melissa Florer-Bixler advocates giving kids a place in the front of the sanctuary.  And Erica Schemper reflects on Where Jesus Would Put the Kids in Worship.

The Sacred Places Project offers Communities for the Common Good, a six-week course that seeks to engage the church in the challenge of climate change.  Project creator Ragan Sutterfield is author of Wendell Berry and the Given Life (Franciscan Media).  Building Faith posts an excerpt.

A Sanctified Art offers a Pentecost Bundle with meditative coloring posters, banner designs, graphics, visuals, poetry, and visual meditations for Trinity Sunday.  Resources for ordinary time, including a study journal with visuals inspired by the Abrahamic narratives, a customizable promo film, and preacher prep pages/worship notes, are also available.

In 7 Key Questions for Fundraising with Spiritual Integrity, the Lewis Center for Church Leadership summarizes Keeping Faith in Fundraising (Eerdmans) by Peter Harris and Rod Wilson.

Small on Purpose:  Life in a Significant Church (Abingdon) by Lewis A. Parks discusses soul care as a means of discipleship and outreach and the small church is surrogate family.

Contact us with any resource questions:  info@rcc-mn.orgPlease note that our summer hours will begin May 24:  we will be open Tuesday noon-4 and by appointment.