Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

Imaginative Prayer:  A Yearlong Guide for Your Child’s Spiritual Formation (IVP) by Jared Patrick Boyd includes 36 sessions leading children through imaginative prayer to experience a connection with God.  A Classroom Conversation Guide will be available September 1.

Ars Moriendi et Ars Maerendi:  A Guide for Progressive Christians by Sarah Campbell, a booklet of ancient/old-fashioned rituals for dying well, honoring the dead, and comforting the mourners, is available from Mayflower Church.

Developed in cooperation with Music That Makes Community, Singing in Community:  Paperless Music for Worship (Augsburg) joins Music by Heart:  Paperless Songs for Evening Worship (Church).

White Privilege Glasses is a short video with a discussion guide from Chicago Theological Seminary.

Flames is a free faith development and confirmation curriculum for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities, from the UMC Disabilities Ministries Committee.

In God in the Movies (Brazos), Catherine M. Barsotti and Robert K. Johnston explore 40 films from the last four decades, providing production notes and film synopses, relevant Scripture texts, theological reflection, discussion questions, and recommended film clips.

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