Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

With the theme of Original Blessing, The ConNext Summit October 15-18 features innovative work in faith formation of children, youth and families on storytelling, interfaith themes, Trinity, eco-justice, science, trauma-informed church, talking white supremacy, meditation, yoga, Zentangle, spiritual direction and more.  Puppetry with In the Heart of the Beast; music with Richard Bruxvoort Colligan; keynotes from Danielle Shroyer.  Join us.

In Teaching Outside the Box (Abingdon), Andrew Zirschky details five approaches to opening the Bible with youth:  instructional, community of faith, interpreter, liberation, and contemplative.  Zirschky is author of Beyond the Screen:  Youth Ministry for the Connected but Alone Generation (Abingdon).

Paul and Jesus and Paul and Luke, the first two volumes of John Dominic Crossan’s The Challenge of Paul, a DVD-based study from Faith and Reason, are free for churches committing to use the resource with a group.  Crossan’s The Challenge of Jesus and Joan Chittister’s The Ten Commandments, previous offerings in the New Paradigm Series, are available at the RCC.  Chittister’s American Women and Women of the World is available to stream on Amazon.

The CEB Storytellers Bible includes support for telling Bible stories.  Casey Fitzgerald tells Bible stories at the Story Divine podcast and shares wisdom at Faith & Wonder.

What can the church learn from alternative faith communities?  Tim Shapiro and Kara Faris explore their promise in Divergent Church (Abingdon).  Shapiro is the author of How Your Congregation Learns (Rowman & Littlefield, June).

Featuring Amy-Jill Levine and others giving the talk of their lives in 20 minutes or less, TheoEd Talks is a video offering from First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta available on Facebook.

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