Six New Things

With the theme of Original Blessing, The ConNext Summit October 15-18 features innovative work in faith formation of children, youth and families on storytelling, interfaith themes, Trinity, eco-justice, science, trauma-informed church, talking white supremacy, meditation, yoga, Zentangle, spiritual direction and more.  Puppetry with In the Heart of the Beast; music with Richard Bruxvoort Colligan; keynotes from Danielle Shroyer:  join us.

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

Child Mind Institute offers guidance on helping children cope with frightening news,  helping young people cope after a traumatic event, and other mental health concerns.

A Bigger Table (WJKP) by John Pavlovitz invites us to practice hospitality, authenticity, and diversity in spiritual communities.  A discussion guide is included.  Faith & Leadership posts an interview.

Barbara J. Newman describes TOGETHER, a small group Bible study curriculum from Friendship Ministries designed to include adults of all abilities.

Building Faith examines expectations for children’s behavior in worship.  From Virginia Theological Seminary, the redesigned website offers printable home practices, curriculum charts, seasonal resources, and posts on faith formation for all ages.

Exploring strategies for mutual flourishing, L. Shannon Jung’s Building the Good Life for All:  Transforming Income Inequality in Our Communities (WJKP) includes discussion questions.  Jung has also written on rural congregations and the spirituality of food.

In Faith Formation in a Secular Age (Baker), Andrew Root offers an alternative take on the issue of young people leaving the church.  Hear him on The Distillery.

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