Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

The Lifesaving Church:  Faith Communities and Suicide Prevention (Chalice) by Rachael A. Keefe commends concrete actions for churches.  See Ten Facts Every Church Needs to Know.  Keefe will present at Mental Health Education Day April 14.  She blogs at Write Out of Left Field.  Monday’s Muse is her weekly vlog.

Traci Smith outlines 17 practices in The Practice of Prayer with Children in The Presbyterian Outlook.  Smith will offer a webinar, Beyond Sunday School:  Exploring Different Models of Faith Formation, May 1.

In Transforming:  The Bible & the Lives of Transgender Christians (WJKP), Austen Hartke explores trans identity through the lens of Scripture.  Hartke is the creator of the YouTube series Transgender and Christian.  He discusses Nonbinary Gender and the Diverse Beauty of Creation in The Christian Century, and provides a Trans Faith Resource List.

Sense of Place, the 2018 Earth Day Sunday resource from Creation Justice Ministries, focuses on living in harmony with local ecosystems and watersheds, rightly sharing places with a diversity of peoples, and respecting the history of your place.   The free download includes resource recommendations, Bible study and action materials, and more.   Leah D. Schade shares creation care preaching resources.

With practical suggestions and exercises, Kenyatta R. Gilbert’s Exodus Preaching:  Crafting Sermons about Justice and Hope (Abingdon) makes African American prophetic rhetorical traditions relevant to a broad audience.

Jesus Is Risen (Sparkhouse Family) by Agostino Traini is a pop-up book with a lesson plan and activity.

Contact us with any resource questions:  Happy Easter!