Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

In The Holy No (Eerdmans), Adam Hearlson considers worship as a subversive act.  The Distillery provides an interview.  Hearlson co-hosts Technicolor Jesus, a podcast on movies and ministry.

Parenting Forward, a podcast from Cindy Brandt exploring the intersection of parenting and progressive faith, has launched with guests Melvin Bray, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Danielle Shroyer, and others.

Rehearsing Scripture:  Discovering God’s Word in Community (Eerdmans) by Anna Carter Florence offers practical tools for encountering the text like a script for a play.  Faith & Leadership provides an interview.

Accompanied by bulletin inserts, Poverty in Minnesota is a progress report from the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition.  Join them for free monthly faithful advocate trainings in person, by phone, or by Facebook Live.

Claudio Carvalhaes reads gospel texts from the perspective of an immigrant in a four-part commentary series for Working Preacher.  His What Does Worship Have to do With it? Interpreting Life, Church and the World Liturgically (Cascade) is forthcoming.

InterGenerate (ed. Holly Catterton Allen, Abilene Christian University Press) includes essays on intergenerational ministry.  Faithful Celebrations (ed Sharon Ely Pearson, Church), a series on seasonal intergenerational events, has added volumes for Advent to Epiphany and Autumn.

Contact us with any resource questions:  Please note our summer hours:  Tuesday noon-4 and by appointment.