Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

In Love First (Church), Colette Potts rethinks ministry with children to focus on love, partner with parents, and energize the whole church.

How We Read the Bible (Fuller Youth Institute) by Matt Laidlaw outlines eight ways to engage the Bible with students.

Part of The Practicing Democracy Project from Spirituality and Practice, We the People Book Club offers monthly readings with free downloadable guides for individual or group use.  A Practice Circle is also available.

How to Be a Christian and How to Pray (HarperOne) by C.S. Lewis are accompanied by small group guides.

An anthology of spiritual memoirs from a group of prominent teachers, How I Found God in Everyone and Everywhere (Monkfish), ed. Andrew M. Davis and Philip Clayton, captures the shift from a God “up there” towards an immanent divine.

Wisdom Ways Fall Programs feature events with M. Shawn Copeland, Joyce Rupp, Carol P. Christ and Judith Plaskow, and others.

Contact us with any resource questions:  We have resumed our regular hours:  Tuesday-Friday noon-4 and by appointment.