Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

How the Bible Actually Works (HarperOne) by Peter Enns argues that Scripture leads us to wisdom rather than answers.  A small group guide is available.  Enns, host of The Bible for Normal People podcast, offers curriculum for children and adults.  The Work of the People features Enns in 7 Films on the Bible.

In Under Pressure (Ballantine), Lisa Damour responds to the epidemic of stress and anxiety in girls.  Discussion guides for parents and educators are available.  Damour posts articles on teen health.  Book Riot lists books on anxiety for young people.

Faithful Citizenship by Dana K. Horrell and Preparing for the Wilderness by Kathy Wolf Reed are downloadable study packs for Lent from The Thoughtful Christian.

Finding Your Way Through the Bible (Abingdon) is a revised self-instruction book for older elementary and middle school students using the Common English Bible.  Accompanied by a Leader and Student Guide, Learning to Use My Bible (Abingdon) is for ages 7-9.

Peter L. Steinke’s Uproar (Rowman & Littlefield) explores calm leadership in anxious times.  Steinke is the author, most recently, of To Make a Difference and Teaching Fish to Walk (New Vision).

With The Art of Dying Well (Scribner), Katy Butler offers a practical guide to making death a sacred rite of passage.  See her post, With Dementia, More is Needed than a Boilerplate Advanced Directive.  April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day.

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