Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

Richard Rohr’s The Universal Christ (Convergent) includes a collection of free resources:  videos, a companion guide for groups, a podcast, and more.  The Center for Action and Contemplation offers email intro series, daily meditations, and an invitation to contemplative practices.

The Communities of Calling Initiative provides resources on the vocational life of young people, resources for Lent and Easter, and more resources for congregations exploring vocation.

For ages 3-5, Gritty and Graceful:  15 Inspiring Women of the Bible (Beaming) by Caryn Rivandeneira is a companion to Grit and Grace (Beaming, 2017).  A Lent discussion guide is available.  Current titles from Beaming Books include Rebecca Ninke’s There’s No Wrong Way to Pray and Amy Webb’s When Charley Met Emma.

Crafting Love (Viva) by Maggie Oman Shannon joins her Crafting Calm (2013) and Crafting Gratitude (2014).

Sharon Daloz Parks has revised Big Questions, Worthy Dreams:  Mentoring Emerging Adults in Their Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Faith (Fortress).  Growing With (Baker) by Kara Powell and Steven Argue is a parent’s guide to helping teens and young adults thrive in their faith, family, and future.

Debbie Blue looks at Hagar, Esther, and Mary in Consider the Women (Eerdmans).  Blue has also written Consider the Birds (Abingdon, 2013).  A book release party will take place March 14 at House of Mercy.

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