Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

In Holy Envy (HarperOne), Barbara Brown Taylor explores finding God in other faith traditions.  A small group guide is available.  She will speak at the Westminster Town Hall Forum April 30.

Unashamed (WJKP) is a coming-out guide for LGBTQ Christians by Amber Cantorna, author of Refocusing My Family (Fortress, 2017).  Her website provides resources.

Picture Book Theology suggests children’s books for Lent and Easter.

Building a Neighborhood Together, a free download, is an intergenerational project from the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program based on the work of Fred Rogers (via Hope4CE).  APCE shares workshop and other resources from their annual event, including a conversation guide for faith formation across the generations.

Knowing Our Faith (Eerdmans) by Justo L. Gonzalez introduces the Christian faith in direct, contemporary language.

Thomas Lynch ponders what comes next in Whence and Whither (WJKP).  Lynch is author, with Thomas G. Long, of The Good Funeral (WJKP, 2013) and Cremation:  A Practice in Need of Ritual.

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