Six New Things

Check six ministry resources in this weekly post.

Picture Book Theology recommends 35 Children’s Books that Teach Empathy and Kindness, including Just Feel (Running Press Kids) for ages 8-12 by Just Breathe author Mallika Chopra.

Soul Reset (Upper Room) by Junius B. Dotson calls us to reorder our lives around spiritual practices.  Six video sessions, age-level discussion guides, sermon starters, and an e-course accompany the book.

Contemplation and Community (Crossroad) is a gathering of fresh voices reflecting on the gifts and challenges of Christian contemplation for faith communities today.  Wisdom Ways will host a book launch and public conversation with the editors and contributors September 20, and a retreat day September 21.  NextChurch explores contemplative practice in several posts.

Minnesota Council of Churches Refugee Services offers a Speakers Bureau and adult forum presentations.  Journey with Jesus reviews Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, a PBS documentary.

Dwight Zscheile and Michael Binder share their keynote from the Faithful Innovation Summit, along with a summary:  “we have to be able to cultivate awareness of God in everyday life, we’ve got to help ourselves and others reconnect to God’s story and remember who we are, and we’ve got to create environments that help people make spiritual meaning out of their lives.”

The Conversation Project suggests films like The Farewell and Alternate Endings to open discussion of death and dying.  When the Lights Go Up provides guidance.  Conversation Sabbath resources include a newsletter, a webinar series, and more.

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