Six New Things

Journey Together evokes a feeling of hiking together through God’s creation. Select from SparkHouse’s 12 intergenerational summer events. Leader resource includes lists of supplies, activities, theme introductions and service ideas. Available in print or as digitial download; available stand-alone or as part of subscription to Spark House Digital Children.

Robin Meyers (author of Saving Jesus from the Church), offers Saving God from Religion (Penguin), a “revelatory manifesto” on “reclaim[ing] faith from abstract doctrines and rigid morals to find God in the joys and ambiguities of everyday life”. And while we’re on Jesus: Marcus Borg, points out in Speaking Christian (HarperOne), that the idea of substitutionary atonement has distorted the meaning of Jesus’ death. In The Death of Jesus for Progressive Chrstians: A Five Session Study (Woodlake), Donald Schmidt offers Scripture’s “stronger responses to the question of why Jesus died”.

MPR was on its game this week with its rebroadcast of Where Does It Hurt?, Ruby Sales’ call for a “Liberation Theology for White People” and last Friday’s Climate Cast, which proffered up a number of great climate-addressing books for kids of all ages.

Get inspired by UTS’s Pamela Ayo Yetunde’s speech, “We Need a New Breed, Leaders, Stand Up, Organize: The Theology of Prince for Creative Resistance” (for Build Peace Borderlands; November, 2019).

Angela Denker offers practical tips for the tough conversation about Three Ways the Church Can Separate National Pride and Christian Identity.

Matthias Roberts invites folks to move Beyond Shame: Creating a Healthy Sex Life on Our Own Terms (Broadleaf).

Faith & Leadership offers some great tips and resources for pastoral care and congregational dialogues around aging and dying.

In Inspired Imperfection: How the Bible’s Problems Enhance Its Divine Authority (Broadleaf), Gregory Boyd encourages us to “embrace the mistakes and contradictions in Scripture, for they show that God chose to use fallible humans to communicate timeless truths”.

If this is all a bit heady or overwhelming, join Jessie Smith from Shalem Institute in Centering Down or enjoy Marlon Hall’s, Unearthing You for 21 days of discovering your best self.

OR to really lighten the Lenten mood have fun with The Definitive Guide to Lent Madness: Saintly Scorecard, 2020, which includes “biographies of all 32 saints in contention for the coveted Golden Halo”. Enjoy!