Six New Things

Diversity from the get-go! Based on the picture book, God’s Big Plan the Board Book (Flyaway) is geared toward pre-readers.

Women speak out about diversity, heterosexism, xenophobia and more in Speaking Truth: Women Raising Their Voices in Prayer (Abingdon); while Constantino & David Khalaf offer a needed perspective in Modern Kinship: A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage (WJK): the book is here; the blog just launched.

Get the whole crew in on the discussion with White Savior (SparkHouse): join the UTS viewing and discussion this Friday (02.28) at 7:00 pm (it’s free!); OR, the dvd arrives soon (we’ve got the Dialogues on Race study guide); OR catch it on amazon.

Preachers: share your prophetic voice from the pulpit. Congregations: get on board. That’s the message in Leah Schade’s Purple Zone: the book (Rowman & Littlefield) just arrived, the blog just launched.

Other preaching inspiration can be found in Walter Brueggeman’s 3rd Volume of Collected Sermons (WJK). His Truth & Hope: Essays for a Perilous Age and Materiality as Resistance: Five Elements for Moral Action in the Real World (both WJK) also promise to inspire and incite to action.

For more home-grown encouragement, enjoy the UCC’s revival, MNAlive: “a call to hope and faith-based action for Progressive Christian communities and individuals”, or join Revs. Katy Lee and Laquaan Malachi, hosts of the UMC-sponsored Connectional podcast full of stories from local congregations and leaders.

Encourage your young ones to share their stories with Roman Yasiejko’s, Where the Best Stories Hide (Beaming); invite youngsters to engage more fully as the church tells its stories with Holy Moments: Activities for Teaching Children About Worship (Abingdon). And make the story-telling richer and fuller through UTS staff, Karen Hutt’s Rituals R’ Us: Creating Meaningful Rituals for Living and Growing.

And if you and yours need renewal, join John Lee and Emily Meyer at UTS this Thursday, 02.27.20, for Contemplative Chapel; and/or invite your families to start a Lenten devotional at home with Emily’s new blog: Family Evening Devotions.