Six New Things

Join Brooklyn Avenues Community Connectors for A Social Justice Film Festival benefit: Arts for Avenues features three short documentry films, panel discussions, spoken word artists and art created by the youth at Avenues for Youth.

For a different avenue of social justice, step into Nativity Lutheran’s free Blessed Are the Peacemakers seminar with Pardeep Singh Kaleka and Arno Michaelis of The Forgiveness Project (for free!); read Vince L. Bantu‘s, A Multitude of All Peoples: Embracing Ancient Christianity’s Global Identity (IVP), on the roots of Christianity’s diversity; pop into Westminster’s Town Hall Forum with Bill McKibben talking about Building a Movement to Stop Climate Change; or clean up your own interior with Michel Le Gribble-Dates’, Tidy Your Temple Seasonal Reset Course.

While we’re on self-care: come to UTS and Treat Yo’ Self on Wellbeing Wednesday, boost your ability to help others with Laurie Wollner’s HTI Healing Touch Certification Program, or hone your hearing-young-people super power with Lacy Finn Borgo‘s Spiritual Conversations with Children: Listening to God Together.

Refresh other pastoral skills with Faith+Lead‘s Faithful Innovation Summit: Sharing Jesus in a Secular Age, or learn from Lisa Cressman how to Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday: The Quick-Start Guide.

Got kids and rain? Get Rebecca Koehn‘s (author) and Simone Krüger‘s (illustrator), After the Rain (Beaming), or check Beaming’s website for Six Rainy Day Activities for Young Children: there’s plenty to do even if the weather makes you blue!