Six New Things: Saturday, 03.21.20, Supplemental

Today’s post is intended to sustain you church leaders: this is all for you. Internalize and use what is helpful; discard the rest.

My friend, an air traffic controller at the Dubai International Airport (and therefore no stranger to stress), shared Kitty O’Meara’s Daily Round post from March 16th on his facebook page. You may find it hopeful and inspiring, if you haven’t read it already.

Richard Rohr shared some helpful thoughts (as usual) on March 20th.

The Shalem Institute is offering a number of free online resources and courses to support mental and spiritual well-being.

The following two are not free, so if that feels like an advertisement you don’t have time for, skip the next paragraph:

The Minnesota Zen Meditation Center has online courses starting soon and Michel Gribble-Dates offers a two-hour Build Your Immune System Workshop ($35) has a two-week Tidy Your Temple toxin cleanse starting Wednesday (bring a friend for free, when you join at $149) and is offering 15% off her Story and Stretch: A Guide to Teaching Kids Yoga Using Gospel/OT Stories (code: “spring2020sale“). That last can help you at home with your own kids, or it can be shared with your parents looking for at-home faith formation activities.

A Luther Seminary classmate, Tessa Moon Lieseth, now interim pastor at Horace Lutheran Church, reflected on March 17 about her family’s move to South Africa, several years ago, posting, “I am recalling our early days in South Africa. We didn’t know how to do *anything* and it was exhausting! We developed a one-thing-a-day rule. And what that meant is that we could only expect to tackle one thing a day. Some days that didn’t even happen… It helped us moderate our expectations… [T]here is a lot of hard thinking and new territory. I’m trying to remember to be gentle with my expectations. This could be a long journey. Take care of yourselves, everyone! This applies to you, too!”

Indeed: take care of yourselves, everyone. Don’t forget that God’s Sabbath mandate about rest is in the Top Three, and those mandates do, indeed, include even you.

Hearing and heeding this reminder, I will take tomorrow off for Sabbath rest and encourage you to find a day when you, too, can rest in God’s limitless care and grace.

Be well.