Six New Things: Friday, 03.27.20, Supplemental

Baker Publishing shares literature aimed at helping us “fight our fears”.

InSpirit, the UU Bookstore, shares poetry to soothe, inspire and offer hope.

Beaming Books offers a bunch of at-home resources for parents, including projects, books and a DVD. Leaders might share in increments, or offer the whole page to parents.

Dwell Sunday School curricula offers free downloads and sharing during social distancing. Whether you use Dwell curricula or not, they have some fun ideas.

The Upper Room offers online e-courses for small groups (one free, others half-price), meditation and prayer groups, inspiring videos and more.

Each judicatory has their own COVID-19 Response page: The MN Conference UCC, The MN Annual Conference, UMC, and the Presbytery of the Twin Cities.

Dr. Jeffrey Van Wingen, MD created a youtube video on how to bring groceries into the home safely. It’s lengthy, but he covers a lot of really helpful ground.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department offers tips on emotional well-being. There are lots of important links in this article!!

The Ministry Lab’s Emily Meyer offers several study guides based on movies and series, including Iron Man (2008), Spider Man (from 2002), Messiah (Netflix, 2020), and – coming soon: movement and activity-based Frozen 2!

Watch The Ministry Lab’s website for a curated and organized resource page; coming early next week.