Family-Based Sexuality Discussions

Many judicatories are urging an avoidance of intimate and/or confidential conversations on many online platforms to safeguard vulnerable individuals and maintain healthy boundaries. In our rush toward community via technology, it can be easy to lose sight of potential hazards.

The Inter-Group Association of AA for New York, Inc. offers some best practices suggestions here. Judicatories are working to create guidelines and potentially additional platforms to ensure confidentiality, safe boundaries, and general best practices. We’ll post those as soon as we get them!

To encourage at-home / family-based discussions and/or to facilitate secure online small group discussions, the following have been suggested:

Amaze has youth-, parent-, and educator-based sites including short youtube videos on a number of sexuality and gender topics, including for people with different abilities.

Sexuality for All Abilities, as the name suggests, offers resources geared toward talking with kids with different abilities on topics of dating, sexual activity, identity, marriage, and family.

Scarleteen‘s home page is all about coping with COVID-19 from the perspective of sexual and mental health for young people. They have free text, message board and live chat options for immediate help for kids suffering abuse (which is likely compounded in these stressful and isolating realities), or those feeling depressed, anxious or confused. And there are a number of links to additional resources for mental and sexual health questions.

Sex, etc. is for teens, by teens with topics ranging from talking about sex in an immigrant family to dating abuse; from abortion to pregnancy; from condoms and safer sex practices to how to talk with doctors or parents – among many others.

Kate Ott’s youtube videos cover a lot of ground from gender equity to dating to language and consent.

A Trans Faith Resource List from Austen Hartke, a bisexual, transgender Christian includes numerous links to national and regional hotlines and additional information.

Advocates for Youth is a free online sexual education curriculum that meets National Sexuality Education Standards.

For kids prepping for post-secondary education, EssayonTime shares LGBTQ Helps and Support: Resources for Students, a remarkable resource list for parents and students around college/university safe spaces, guides for administrations and parents, and more.