Six New Things

Better Day Books joins a slough of publishers offering free ebooks, online story-time permissions and faith formation, stewardship and mental health resources. To link just a few: Leader Resources for children and pastoral care, Sparkhouse’s general & 8 weeks of Sunday school, and Chalice Press’s resources for all ages and topics. See Faith Formation, Worship, Pastoral Care and Stewardship for more.

Eerdmans has several new offerings. For the preacher: Sunday’s Sermon for Monday’s World: Preaching to Shape Daring Witness (Sally A. Brown); for adult study: Jewish Mysticism: From Ancient Times through Today (Marvin Sweeney) or Defiant: What the Women of Exodus Teach Us about Freedom (Kelley Nikondeha); for prayer: As It Is in Heaven: A Collection of Prayers for All Ages (Eric Puybaret); for children: Me and My Sister (Rose Robbins) a book for “siblings of all backgrounds… about embracing difference”.

Free online resources include: Rev. Angela Gorrell, Ph.D. and Paul Gorrell share Taking Your Youth Ministry Online, a how-to on connecting with youth in meaningful ways; Fresh Expressions US’s Social Media Academy: Going from Simple to Savvy in Three Sessions; EssayonTime’s LGBTQ Help and Support: Resources for Students around finding or creating healthier environments, engaging bullying, and more; and the UMC’s You Are Here: Understanding Creation Care in Everyday Contexts.

For personal and congregational spiritual and mental well-being, Shalem Institute offers both a Group Spiritual Direction Conference & Retreat Online (April 20-22, 2020, from 12:30 to 5:00 PM EDT via Zoom; register for details) and an anytime Holy Interruptions: Free Online Retreat Day led by Ann Kulp. And this month’s Westminster Town Hall Forum features Victoria Sweet speaking about Slow Medicine: The Way to Healing.

And for our youngest readers, Flyaway Books shares Crocodile’s Crossing: A Search for Home (Yoeri Slegers), a compassionate introduction to the complex topic of immigration; and Babbit and Joan: A Rabbit and a Phone (Denise Turu) which explores taking time away from one’s phone (might be helpful for a few parents and teens out there, too…).

Blessings and Enjoy!!!