Six New Things

Free Spirit offers Together in Our World: a series of four books geared toward 6-10-year-olds on Culture and Diversity; Rights and Equality; Protecting the Planet; and Rules and Responsibilities. Each book has a glossary and additional resources.

In a similar vein, Magination shares Ani’s Light (coping with sadness due to a loved one’s illness); Lulu the One and Only (appreciating challenges faced by multiracial children); and My Maddy (articulating the specialness of non-binary parents); and they’ve released two books to help kids cope with Covid-19 uncertainties: A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus and Unstuck! 10 Things to Do to Stay Safe and Sane During the Pandemic. Beaming chips in with All About Anxiety, to round out the set for younger readers.

For those looking toward fall faith formation, Faith Inkubators offers Bible Song Cross+GenHead to the Heart Confirmation Curriculum; and Faith Stepping Stones, all updated for 2020/2021 and available online; MennoMedia has updated their Shine! curriculum for a range of ages; and the MN Conf. UCC has partnered with Danger Boat Productions and Doing Good Together to create Family Connections Toolkits.

For engaging the whole family in at-home or on-the-ground social action, check out Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light’s impressive list, including their opportunity to train for getting out the vote in your neck of the woods.

If you serve out in the woods and are concerned about elders living alone, Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center offers Rural Social Isolation and Loneliness: Rates, Importance, and Identifying Risk, session one of a three-part series.

To help yourself or others with spiritual well-being, check out MennoMedia’s Reconnect: Spiritual Restoration from Digital Distraction; read from global contemplative leaders in Orbis’ The Way of Suffering: Readings for an Enlightened Life, featuring Kate Bowler, Pema Chödrön, Robert Ellsberg, Thich Nhat Hanh, Michael Leach, James Martin, Henri Nouwen, Richard Rohr, and Marianne Williamson, among others; and see GratitudeForgivenessKindness for further enlightenment.

For racial justice-specific inspiration, listen to OnBeing’s second interview in a month with Dr. Resmaa Menakem (My Grandmother’s Hands), joined by Robin DiAngelo (White Fragility) in a “deep dive” into “the calling of our lifetimes“.

And DO NOT MISS Journey to Freedom: Embracing God’s Cultural Mosaic of People. The Ministry Lab is thrilled to partner with United Theological Seminary, First Covenant Church, Minneapolis and a collaboration of churches and organizations for this learning series. Starting on July 18, this six-week series is designed by Rev. Jia Starr Brown and comprised of sermons, discussion, art, and study all of which focus on the theme of Intersectionality. Continuing Ed credit is available through United. Jia is sharing info in a special Co-Lab Webinar Tuesday, July 14 at 2:00 PM CST. Contact Emily Meyer ( for the zoom link to Tuesday’s information, invitational webinar.