How to Join

The Resource Center for Churches is an ecumenical ministry of the

  •    Minnesota Annual Conference United Methodist Church,
  •    Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ,
  •    Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area, and Synod of Lakes and Prairies (PCUSA).

All individuals and communities affiliated with these judicatories are members of the RCC.  Only members can borrow resources and consult with us.

Other communities may join. 

Annual membership fees are:
$100    congregations with less than 200 members; specialized ministries
$200  congregations with less than 500 members
$300  congregations with more than 500 members

We also offer:
$50     a single one-hour consult and follow-up list of resources

To become a member, please send the fee to the  address below along with contact information:

Name of congregation/ministry:
Contact Person:


Resource Center for Churches