How to Join

The Ministry Lab is an ecumenical ministry of the

  • Minnesota Annual Conference United Methodist Church,
  • Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ,
  • Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area
  • Synod of Lakes and Prairies (PCUSA).

All individuals and communities affiliated with these judicatories are members of The Ministry Lab.  Only members may borrow resources and consult with us.

BUT: Other communities may join! 

Annual membership fees are:
$100 – congregations with less than 200 members; specialized ministries

$200 – congregations with less than 500 members
$300 – congregations with more than 500 members

We also offer:
$50 – a single one-hour consult and follow-up list of resources

To become a member, please share the following contact information:

  • Name of congregation/ministry (and approximate membership)
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Contact Person
  • Position
  • Email

…and forward a check (based on membership, as listed above) to:

The Ministry Lab

United Theological Seminary

767 Eustis St, Ste. 140

St Paul, MN 55114