Summer Plans in Covid-19 Times

The Ministry Lab is offering weekly Co-Labs to renew resilience, discuss summer plans and work through grief. Contact Director Emily Meyer ( to register and receive the zoom invite.

Looking to connect young people with science-based creation care and leadership? Create a multi-congregational cohort around Growing Green Heart’s Connect-the-Drops: Faith, Science & Youth Leadership (vocational discernment, creation care around water and action) or Connect-the-Rocks: Faith, Science & Youth Leadership (similar with conversations and activities on decolonization, the indigenous story, waste reduction and land connections). Both are 6 sessions and can be done via Zoom with hands-on learning/building/praying/discussion piece followed by coaching for student projects.  $1000 per cohort of 3-5 churches.
*Augsburg’s Youth Theology Institute did Connect-the-Rocks last year and student response was great!

Online VBS/Day/Bible Camp

This resource list will be updated as resources become available:

MN UMC just shared this announcement of the closure – until August 29, 2020 – from their Dakotas-Minnesota Area United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries