Visual Word

Two video resources for worship this Sunday: Lift Every Voice and Sing from the Purple Robe Series, hosted by opera star Nicole Heaston. And Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III’s sermon When Is Someday?

Weekly video-taped sermons accompanied by visual story-telling have seen us through the Season of Easter. Transformation, Imagination, Wonder, Curiosity, and Restoration are offered in the hopes of inspiring and empowering congregations to walk boldly into God’s New Life – and the elusive “new normal” about which we all are wondering.

Inspiration, a response to the murder of George Floyd, encourages us to listen to the Spirit’s cry for justice and equity.

This week’s Visual Word, “Restoration“, based on Acts 1:6-14, asks, “Has the time come?” You can read it in pdf form, as well.

Ministry Lab Director Rev. Emily Meyer offers “Curiosity” based on Acts 17:22-31. You can find a print pdf here and a video here.

The Ministry Lab’s Visual Word “Wonder“, can be found in both pdf form and with an accompanying video by Melissa Weinhandl, LAMFT & Faith Formation Leader at Peace Lutheran (ELCA) of Plymouth.

Tom Foolery’s, The Great Realization, is a brilliant new “fairy tale”. See Cameron Trimble’s Piloting Faith: A Word for the Day from May 6, 2020, for an invitation to submit other new fairy tales: Covid-related and otherwise.

Ministry Lab Director Rev. Emily Meyer and LAMFT Melissa Weinhandl (Faith Formation leader @ Peace Lutheran of Plymouth) share “Imagine“, a Visual Word to be inserted as a sermon in online worship. You can also find a pdf, if that’s of help. Thanks to Kinzie Weinhandl (14 years old) for the lovely artwork.

Ministry Lab Director Rev. Emily Meyer offers “Transform” based on 1 Peter 1:17-23. You can find a print pdf here and a video here.

We follow the Revised Common Lectionary to prepare these sermons. For answers to why, see Rev. Dr. Michael Piazza’s Liberating Word from 05.18.20.